Scenes from The Benefit Screening of Sweet Land at the Cedar Lane Cinemas

The benefit screening of Sweet Land at the Cedar Lane Cinemas was attended by over 170 people, and the concensus was: Thumbs Up and Four Stars for this tale of a German mail-order bride arriving in Minnesota during WW I. The Q & A following the movie was conducted by our own Sandi Klein, of WINS Radio, who interviewed executive producer Lillian LaSalle. Thanks to all who supported TIFF by coming out to a wonderful movie, and to Nelson Page, for providing the theater for this event.

Photography: Ray Turkin

“Sweet Land” was shown at Teaneck’s Cedar Lane Cinemas, main venue for festival films.

Filmgoers picking up tickets and buying hats at the April 14th screening. Behind table: Stephanie McCaw, treasurer (right, above) and Eva Tobias, marketing director (right, below).

Thanks to Cedar Lane Cinemas owner Nelson Page (second from left) for providing venue for the screening. Also shown, left to right: Larry Tobias, Eva Tobias, Stephanie McCaw.

Executive director Ellen Rand welcomed 1010 WINS reporter Sandi Klein and “Sweet Land” executive producer Lillian LaSalle to the screening.

At the Q&A after the screening, 1010 WINS reporter Sandi Klein interviewed executive producer Lillian LaSalle about how “Sweet Land” was cast, filmed and shown, as well as about the challenges of independent filmmaking.